Private Collection

Maestro's Private Collection guitars are exceptional. Every single instrument is made with premium timber, handpicked personally by its head luthier, Hozen. After having attended a guitar voicing course with world renowned luthier, Ervin Somogyi, Hozen applies the principles he learnt to develop his own unique bracing style that is only made available to the Private Collection.

Maestro uses an eclectic mix of traditional and modern innovations in building the instruments. Luthier-grade hot hide glue is used for a better transfer of vibrational energy, aiding tonal response. Rigid Rim Technology is also a special feature of the Private Collection; making the sides remarkably strong and dense, freeing the soundboard and enhancing its efficiency in utilising the string energy more effectively. Further upgrades often found in Maestro Guitars that are typically more common only in boutique builds costing many times over include a Soundport, Beveled Armrest for improved playing comfort, and a gorgeous Florentine cutaway.