Traditional Series – Khaya Mahogany

Inspired by the great guitars of the yesteryears, the Traditional Series was born out of Hozen’s desire to build “period correct” instruments. Available in 5 shapes and various iconic wood combinations, each piece is handvoiced to possess rich fundamentals, clear projection, and graceful response down to the very last note. From the compact Parlor to the iconic Slope Shoulder Dreadnought, these guitars bring nostalgia and inspiration to today’s players.

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Traditional Series History Revisited


Inspired by the iconic guitars of the past, the Traditional Series is voiced to ensure that they are responsive and projects rich tone with greater focus on the fundamentals – a once inimitable tonal character of these instruments from the golden years, bringing inspiration and nostalgia in every single strum.


Bridging the old and the new, these guitars present a vintage vibe with modern appointments. Available in both solid square headstock and slotted headstock accompanied by fine details of Herringbone purfling and Abalone inlays, they are furnished with Carbon Fiber Reinforced necks and Reversed Kerfing – weaving tradition with innovation.